Southern United Engineering Company Limited

More than ten years of our sourcing experience now we are professional of sourcing and distributor for all kind of hand tools, machinery and all kind of spare part for all kind of mechanical type. If you can’t find any product or spare part or even you looking for new product which can’t find in local market or the one you have it high cost till can’t make margin or can’t control cost, quality also QTY, you just come to us then we will take all problem from you because we  will be the one who’s support your business for all option.


We supply all kind of bearing for small and big also general industrial and home use. We have many kind of bearing and many item number ready to offer you for all requirement. If any difference item number from our catalog you can just let's we know your requirement then we will back to you for future confirmation regarding quotation and lead time as we have own factory to produce as your requirement which no minimum require. And our factory was certified by international standard then you can trust in our quality.


Thrust ball bearing, single direction

1. Bearing No. 51112 <------------------------------------------ Unit price 130 THB

2. Bearing No. 51115 <------------------------------------------ Unit price 180 THB

3. Bearing No. 51222 <------------------------------------------ Unit price 690 THB

4. Bearing No. 51224 <------------------------------------------ Unit price 750 THB

5. Bearing No. 51228 <------------------------------------------ Unit price 1,250 THB


Spherical roller bearings, cylindrical and tapered bore, cylindrical bore, unsealed

1. Bearing No. 21311 E <------------------------------------------ Unit price 1,400 THB

2. Bearing No. 21313 E <------------------------------------------ Unit price 1,800 THB

3. Bearing No. 21318 E <------------------------------------------ Unit price 3,800 THB

4. Bearing No. 21320 E <------------------------------------------ Unit price 6,200 THB


Deep groove ball bearing, single row, one side shield

1. Bearing No. 6210-Z <------------------------------------------ Unit price 170 THB

2. Bearing No. 6214-Z <------------------------------------------ Unit price 450 THB

3. Bearing No. 6218-Z <------------------------------------------ Unit price 750 THB


Deep groove ball bearing, single row, both side shield

1. Bearing No. 6204-ZZ <------------------------------------------ Unit price 50 THB

2. Bearing No. 6205-ZZ <------------------------------------------ Unit price 60 THB

3. Bearing No. 6304-ZZ <------------------------------------------ Unit price 60 THB