Southern United Engineering Company Limited

More than ten years of our sourcing experience now we are professional of sourcing and distributor for all kind of hand tools, machinery and all kind of spare part for all kind of mechanical type. If you can’t find any product or spare part or even you looking for new product which can’t find in local market or the one you have it high cost till can’t make margin or can’t control cost, quality also QTY, you just come to us then we will take all problem from you because we  will be the one who’s support your business for all option.


Running Product

We service to sourcing and distribute many kind of product as for your running order also special order, Our product in single item was modify & develop according our local requirement as right now some item already on sale in local market. All item was manufacturing and packing by international certify factory

New item

If you looking for new item or same item which it not make high profit, we happy to be your option to offer quality item with reasonable price for you can make good profit. Just let’s we know requirement for picture, spec or target price then we will work out and back for best option. We don’t’ mind if you don’t like our product but appreciate all enquiries to present what quality item we have.าตัวเลือกให้ท่านได้


If you only seller brand name item for big company by can’t control price, quality or minimum qty per order also other problem. Please just back to us, we can offer your brand your quality, your price and your minimum qty then you can manage your market with your brand, so since now onward all is belong to your store to manage your brand name.